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Stop #13 – ME.  You are here!
Have you ever wished the story of Peter Pan went on?  That the cute, precocious, and crazy little spitfire who never wanted to grow up – actually DID grow up a little?  My best friend, Kara, has written a sequel to Peter Pan – and (no lie) it was one of my VERY favorite books of all of last year.  I adored it.  You need to get yourself a copy right here.
*Dust is on sale on Amazon right now! (For $17.98 hardback instead of $22! And the ebook is only 5.99!) 


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Anyone who completes the blog tour hunt wins a small physical swag pack that includes:

  • Bookmarks
  • Print of Dust art
  • Peter + Claire Character Cards
  • Signed Bookplate

The first winner to solve the clues and finish the hunt wins:

  • All the above swag plus
  • An autographed Advanced Reader Copy of Dust with exclusive notes from Kara in the margins



Me: If you could be Peter Pan, where would you fly to first?

Kara: Go find Tom Holland in London? 😉 Juuuuust kidding. I’d probably go visit some of my closest friends (like you!) and then whisk us all away to somewhere 57277731_3133754463305035_7940320590911504384_obeautiful like New Zealand or Greece or Mexico or something 🙂

Me: Awwww.  I wish you could fly to me too! If you could slap Peter Pan over any point in the story, when would that be?  (Careful about spoilers!)

Kara: Hehehe I love this! Probably the midpoint, after he’s first met Claire and Tiger Lily shows up and they have a conversation that could have gone…very differently if he’d been honest.

Me: Yep, yep. I know exactly what you’re talking about.  *wink* When did you feel the most Peter-Pan-ish as a child in Papua New Guinea?

Kara: Probably flying in a tiny Cessna 206 through the clouds and blue sky and seeing birds flying by the window! Or climbing trees or swimming in our clear river.

Me: Makes sense! Do you think Peter would’ve bemoaned your fate or laughed in your face when he found out you ate a cockroach in your sleep as a child in the jungle?

Kara: He would have just laughed, hehehe

Me: Bad Peter.  😛 What is Peter’s least favorite human food that he tries in London?

Kara: Brussel sprouts? Or maybe salad, hehe

Me: They’re totally both rather gross. If Claire could pick any spot for a first kiss, where would it be?  And do you agree with her?

Kara: Well, her Big Ben/flying kiss in Dust is quite a thing to behold. She’d probably find some quaint little private nook in Kensington Gardens though. Either sounds good to me 🙂

Me: Thank you, Kara!  Can’t wait for friends to read this book!


RJ Conte, “BlondeRJ,” has kissed only one boy in her entire life – and she married him – inspiring her to write about sweet or powerful love stories ever since. She writes issue-driven fiction that explores human nature and the depths of the soul while pointing readers to their Creator.  Check her books out here on Amazon!



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