Realm Makers 2017 Teaser!

20430114_10213831539808459_3499996036165530578_nAm home from my very first and very amazing #RealmMakers2017 writing conference! I got to know Ted Dekker and his wife personally through bringing my baby (We’re friends on Facebook now!) shared a moment over issue-driven fiction with Mary Weber and Jim Rubart, pitched “Heartsick” to two agents (with interest from Seymour Agency on my wip “The End of the Dream,” and met and got to know wonderful people as well as sat in marketing tracks and fought in a NERF war! Have SO MUCH to share with you about the weekend! Thinking of sending out a personal email about the experience – and will start an email list, so stay tuned! 🙂

Here is my author Facebook page where there will be pictures!  😀



What do Lady Gaga, Personality Types, and Rainbows Have in Common?


The answer to my title is: They’re all in my yearly stats!

This year I saw the best traffic on this web page in all of my years of mc_guime_performing_live_to_5_thousand_peopleblogging!  I had 15, 507 views from 11,248 visitors.  All in all, I had exactly 555 comments.  🙂

People browsed the most from the United States, with Canada at second place, and United Kingdom coming in third.

Readers came from Facebook most often, with Reddit hitting a close 2000px-facebook_icon-svgsecond, and search engines being the third choice.  The most common search terms were “shocking truth about lady gaga,” “hiding” (???  Okay?) and “blonde rj.”

After reading my article, people then were most likely kgpsqbx3to click links that took them to (To buy my books!), or to my best friend’s page at The Simmering Mind, or to Jane Friedman’s description of the “literary novel.” Hello, Jane!  We don’t know eachother, but I hope you enjoyed the traffic!  I loved your article.  🙂

Onto my top 10 posts!  

These are the posts with the highest views in 2015!

#1 Liminal Fantasy and the Stupid Heroineposing20in20a20spider20girl20costume

This was a huge success on Reddit (Click to read the discussion), mainly due to the fact that I simply beefed on a trope of fiction that so many of us are sick of.  It was fun to write and rant all in one!

#2 In Memory of Victoria Mercy Conte

My heart is full thinking about this post making it to the #2 spot.  ❤  MyConte - 052 husband wrote this speech, and then spoke in front of a large gathering at his littlest sister’s funeral.  This was a tough year for the Conte family, and we miss our little butterfly very much.  My husband’s words are tender, compassionate, and yet hopeful – since we know she’s with the Lord.  I hope his writing continues to bless even more people.  ❤

#3 Anime Characters by Myers-Briggs Type

People love Myers-Briggs and people love anime.  This is a combination ofmami_tomoe_render_by_moeblueberry1771-d5evnl7 the two.  It took me a while to find all the pictures and correct spelling of names.  This is an ongoing project, so a link to it sits in the right-hand sidebar of this page at all times.  The majority of Redditors agreed with  my assessment of types, so I’m glad.  I wasn’t terribly happy with how WordPress sometimes insisted on formatting the pictures, but it works.

#4 All Myers-Briggs Humor Posts

I’m going to lump all of my Myers-Briggs humor posts into one place, murder_scenesince they were all in the top 10.  These do very well on Reddit, and are all similar in style.  I do them when I want a comical post in between serious posts.  Find your type!

How Each Myers-Briggs Type Responds to Finding a Spider in the Shower

How Each Myers-Briggs Type Responds to Endless Videos of Your Children on Facebook

How Each Myers-Briggs Type Would Respond to a Visit from an Alien

How Each Myers-Briggs Type Reacts to a Dead Body


#5 Lessons from Job on Infertility

I’m really glad I decided to share my struggles, as it took me quite some 325554_f520time of suffering with this before I felt brave enough to share.  It has been wonderfully relieving to have other people know what we’re going through, and secondary infertility is not talked about very often.  Job is a powerful, wonderful book, and I’ve been clinging to it all year.  Could use prayer, as we still don’t have any answers about why we have not been able to have more children.  😦

#6 Make Your Mami Tomoe Musket for Under $20!BeFunky_IMG_4671.jpg

Believe it or not, this hit my top 10 list!  This is for the cosplay crowd, or lovers of Puella Magi Madoka Magica.  I can’t wait to go to an anime-con and see someone who actually made this musket.  😀  Meanwhile, I’ll be bringing mine, so look for me at Sakura-Con!

#7 Somewhere Over the Rainbow?

Another post about my difficulties from this year, this one with a more general, artistic, lyrical bent.  Again, I’m glad that my excruciatingly honest posts are the ones that get the most views.  If God can use my trials for good in someone else’s life, I can sleep a little easier at night wading through the challenges.  Please pray for my family.  ❤

Rainbow Land

#8 Sakura-Con Friday Part 2!Ruby blur

This is really random that this was my #8 top viewed post.  This is simply one part of an anime convention I went to, complete with pictures of cosplayers.  Maybe someone saw themself and reshared it a bunch of times.  🙂

#9 An Open Letter to My Pregnant Sister

This one still astounds me that it’s hit the top 10 list two years in a row. beautiful-wedding-tiara This is my most-searched-for blog entry, and gets hit by people on search engines almost daily.  I still wonder if people think they’re going to find something juicy, or if there are just a lot of pregnant sisters out there.  🙂 I was able to revamp this devotional a bit and use it in another baby shower this year.  🙂

And lastly…

#10 I’ve Never Told My Kids to “Bow Your Head and Close Your Eyes”

WOOHOO!  So glad this recent post made it on the list of top entries of child_prayer3_679979819the year!  Let’s continue to challenge ourselves spiritually, parents, and fight unbiblical and extrabiblical dogmas!  Let’s fight hypocrisy and be Christians under grace in our parenting.  If you haven’t given this a read, I hope you will do so and leave your thoughts!

Thank you, readers, for making this the best year of blogging ever!  Can’t wait to bring you Heartsick, and The Hotline Girl and 12th Girl (from a new publisher!) – and hopefully good news on a couple fronts – this next upcoming year.  Regardless, God is God and He is good and takes care of me, as evidenced by the fact that I haven’t stopped fighting the good fight, and I have your abundant friendship.  I am so grateful for all of you!  God bless your 2016!!!



Sakura-Con Friday Part 2!

Remember to check out my Facebook party here!  2000_x_3000_pixels

My next blog tour stop will be Monday, over at  Stay tuned!

Continuing with cosplay pictures from Friday at Sakura-Con!  (Faces blurred to protect anonymity.)

BeyondBoundary blur Mirai Kuriyama from Beyond the Boundary

SteinsGate blur

Kurisu and Okabe from Steins;Gate

Schoolgirlmadokacast blur

Homura, Madoka, and me from Puella Magi Madoka Magica

Schoolgirl Sayaka blur

Sayaka and me from Puella Magi Madoka Magica

Ruby blur

Ruby from RWBY


Chitoge from Nisekoi

MamiKyoko Blur

Mami and Kyoko from Puella Magi Madoka Magica

Code Geass blur

Suzaku and Lelouch from Code Geass

Chobits blur

Chi from Chobits CC blurC.C. from Code Geass

Make Your Mami Tomoe Musket for Under $20!

Mami Tomoe’s Musket – Puella Magi Madoka Magica – Cosplay Project


I don’t know about you, but I am just not buying a Mami Tomoe musket replica for $90+, or taking a difficult woodworking class, when all I would need the musket for is one day a year at an anime con.  Therefore, shopping around online, I discovered this wooden toys website:

There, I found this wooden gun

I bought the natural wood version for $11.99 (+shipping)!

It’s thicker and heartier than it looks.  It’s three feet long and almost an inch wide. It’s a great blank canvas to paint.








I applied four coats of regular acrylic white paint, just to make sure no wood grain showed through.  Then I drew Mami’s designs on with a pencil.




Lastly, I painted inside of the box, but outside of the designs black.


IMG_4709 IMG_4710


And there you go!  You’ve got Mami Tomoe’s musket!  For anywhere from $15-20, depending on how little you can spend on paint!







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