Pictures of Lucent Sylphs!

I wish I could commission a glass artist to make an exact representation of a Lucent Sylph.IMG_5933

I did my own drawing, and the girl on the cover is also close, but I would love to be able to hold a glass sylph, circulatory system and all, in the palm of my hand.

They are about 4-6 inches tall, and weigh 2-4 ounces.  They are female in personality and voice, but their body is flat, basic, and without curves.  They don’t wear clothes, as they have no need, and you wouldn’t want to cover up their pulsing heart that takes up the center of their chest.  That heart is a measurement of how much love they are getting.  You have to keep tabs on it at all times.

2D - Copy

Lucent Sylphs cannot recreate an entire human body with bones, flesh, other internal organs, or even our size and stature, due to being from a 1D dimension that is intangible.  Our world is a very physical one.  Sylpha is an emotional world.  To take on a physical body at all is a challenge.  Being transparent, five inches tall, and easily susceptible to changing emotions is the best they can do.

You can turn your own pictures into something that sort of resembles a Lucent Sylph. This link will show you how:

Basically, you just open up a picture in Microsoft Paint, a program found in your start menu.  Click on the “Image” tab and look for “Invert colors.”
You will want to look for a picture of yourself that is dark.  The darker the better, to create a lighter look when the picture is inverted.  If you find the right picture, you can create a somewhat glassy look – although you’ll be missing the circulatory system.  Maybe if you wrote light green lines all over yourself it would turn into red veins.  🙂

Here are some examples of pictures I have inverted.  Have fun! (And keep sharing posts on Twitter, G+, and Facebook, or following this blog, to be entered to win the glass fairy figurineLucent Sylph: A Short Story, comes out in SIX days!!)

anime-sarafenix-35238496-1400-1050This one is my favorite!  (Anime drawing)


File Name : DSC_0152.JPG File Size : 2.2MB (2326887 Bytes) Date Taken : 2003/07/22 06:23:49 Image Size : 3008 x 1960 pixels Resolution : 300 x 300 dpi Bit Depth : 8 bits/channel Protection Attribute : Off Hide Attribute : Off Camera ID : N/A Camera : NIKON D1X Quality Mode : FINE Metering Mode : Matrix Exposure Mode : Aperture Priority Speed Light : No Focal Length : 120 mm Shutter Speed : 1/4 second Aperture : F5.6 Exposure Compensation : +0.7 EV White Balance : Incandescent Lens : 24 - 120 mm F 3.5 - 5.6 Flash Sync Mode : N/A Exposure Difference : 0.0 EV Flexible Program : No Sensitivity : ISO125 Sharpening : Normal Image Type : Color Color Mode : Mode I(sRGB) Hue Adjustment : 3 Saturation Control : N/A Tone Compensation : Less Contrast Latitude(GPS) : N/A Longitude(GPS) : N/A Altitude(GPS) : N/A

This one, unfortunately, looks like it’s clouding over from neglect  😦

IMG_0889Unfortunately, I don’t post my face online, so you’re just going to get my feet and hands above  😛

Have fun turning yourself into glass!

Getting excited for next Saturday?  Please spread the word!  😀

Grace Unplugged the Movie – a Call to Christian Artists

Just saw Grace Unplugged. Fantastic movie. It was nice to see AJ Michalka go back to her Christian roots.  She is someone whom I’ve watched and listened to since being a young teen.

At the end of the movie, I spent my own tearful time with the Lord, giving up my plans once again and purposing to follow Him in everything.

Let me say this: artists, writers, musicians.


The world says you have to give up your body, heart, and soul, or you FAIL. You’re nothing.

I can attest to this, as I struggle along as a writer, spending more money than I make, as contests and publishing houses have rejected me for my evangelistic, moralistic, God-honoring fiction. The world will HATE you if you are a Christian, but that kind of success is empty nothingness. It destroys you body and soul. Instead, hold fast to Christ and do not compromise. Write something Jesus Himself would be proud to read. Sing something you could imagine would make the angels smile. Create things that magnify our great God. HOLD FAST. There are more of us than you think, and we stand together against the enemy and against this world.

Just the other day I lay on the office floor in my home, crying tears into the carpet because it felt too hard. It felt like I would never succeed as an author, I would never go anywhere as a musician, and my life was no better than a nobody mother doing nobody things that nobody bought or cared about.

But you know what? My God listens to my singing and playing. My God reads my books. And my God loves me. Loves me more than anyone else combined. And only His love matters.

And when I get to heaven, I want Him to have my books on His shelf and say, “Well done, my precious little RJ. Well done.”

Who’s with me?

Make Your Mami Tomoe Musket for Under $20!

Mami Tomoe’s Musket – Puella Magi Madoka Magica – Cosplay Project


I don’t know about you, but I am just not buying a Mami Tomoe musket replica for $90+, or taking a difficult woodworking class, when all I would need the musket for is one day a year at an anime con.  Therefore, shopping around online, I discovered this wooden toys website:

There, I found this wooden gun

I bought the natural wood version for $11.99 (+shipping)!

It’s thicker and heartier than it looks.  It’s three feet long and almost an inch wide. It’s a great blank canvas to paint.








I applied four coats of regular acrylic white paint, just to make sure no wood grain showed through.  Then I drew Mami’s designs on with a pencil.




Lastly, I painted inside of the box, but outside of the designs black.


IMG_4709 IMG_4710


And there you go!  You’ve got Mami Tomoe’s musket!  For anywhere from $15-20, depending on how little you can spend on paint!







My books for sale!


Unique Animal Love

He is represented by the wolf, she by the zebra.  I put these two together in sweet, baby animal form, in tender watercolor.

Enjoy!  😀






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The Epicness of Bethany A. Jennings

When thinking of describing my fellow authoress and one of my best friends, who writes portal fantasy/sci-fi and Christian fiction, and is an INFJ mom of four (the last baby pending!), I thought of this:










To find out more about Bethany A. Jennings’ upcoming work, please check out her blog here!

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Merry Christmas!

Tie-Dye Super Hero

He worked hard, efficiently, and was trustworthy and quick.  When he wasn’t working on his old VW beetle, he was saving the world, one carpeting and tile job at a time.  She commissioned me to paint him – my first hired painting!


Here he is!  Tie-dye Superhero Handyman!






Get your own custom anime painting.  Starts at $15+ shipping!  Email me at  🙂

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My Husband’s and My Secret Anime Personas

I like to think of myself as represented by Mami Tomoe from Puella Magi Madoka Magica.

My husband aspires to be L from Death Note.

Therefore, I combined these two into a sweet, couple, watercolor painting for the two of us.


Get your own!  Anime portraits start at $15 for one character and $10 for the second + shipping!

(Tonight I just finished the first anime drawing I was hired to do.  Will be posting that later!)Chad Journal

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My New Image!

Due to recent personal events, as well as a growing readership on this blog, I have decided to take all photographs of me off of my author social media sites, public avatars, and profile.

However, instead of using just any graphic for my image, I have decided to paint my own!

In order to represent my work as an authoress, as well as who I am, I watercolor painted my very own cartoon self-portrait that will represent my public avatar.

I’m pleased to announce it and unveil it now!

Thanks to all of my friends and fans who are so supportive!

(And remember, I’m willing to work with you to create the perfect anime-like artwork for you!  Drawings are 8 x 10 and start at $15 + shipping.  :-))


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A Whole Family as Anime Characters!

I completed a painting for a family last week!

This is the Lawrence family, and I personalized each anime character to not only look like them, but also to fit their character, personalities, and anime preferences.  🙂


And here are closeups of some:

IMG_3597 IMG_3598 IMG_3599 IMG_3600Turn yourself or your family into anime characters!  Email me at for more details.  $15 for the first character (plus shipping) and $10 for each additional character.  🙂

Your Child an Anime Character!

Here are characters that both look like my toddlers.  Painted in watercolor by myself.  🙂
The first is Yui from K-On!


The second is an Alice in Wonderland that I tweaked.

Alice in Wonderland

Turn your child into an anime character!  Email me at for more details.  $15 for the first drawing (plus shipping) and $10 for each additional character.  🙂