16Sundays Interview!

Next up on my blog tour: Interview with 16Sundays!

This interview is all about my Myers-Briggs personality type, and the types of my main characters, Toby and Arabella Rose!  Not only does Monica, over at 16Sundays, blog about the Myers-Briggs personality types, but she designs shirts for each type!  I love the ESFJ one.  🙂  Check it out by clicking the picture above!

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An excerpt of the interview:

a.     What is a common personality trait of your ‘type’ that is true about you?

I am an ESFJ. This type is known as the epitome of the “mother bear.” I guess I definitely fit that, as I’ve been called a mother by even my very best friends, who are my peers. 😉 I also have an absolute loathing of [Read more here]

Lantern Leaf Press Interview!

Due to the Internet being cranky, the interview with 16 Sundays, that was scheduled for last Tuesday, will instead be bumped to next Tuesday, April 21st.  Stay tuned for that!

Second Interview with Lantern Leaf Press!


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For an excerpt of the interview:

Hello everyone. Today I get the pleasure of introducing a friend of mine to you, and her latest book release The Hotline Girl.

The Hotline Girl is about a young lady who works in a suicide hotline center for very personal reasons. One day she answers the phone and discovers [Read more here]

Bye, Bye Cinderella, Hello Anime, and a Blog Tour!

Just got back from SAKURA CON!!! 

Anime convention in Seattle, WA.  I got to use the Mami musket I blogged about.  I plan on posting pictures of my cosplay, as well as my favorite other cosplays I saw during the 3-day weekend.  The convention was a blast!

I’ll get the disappointing stuff out of the way next:

The last novella, in the list of three novellas I had planned on putting out this year, is going to be postponed for now.  I bit off more than I could chew.  😦  With lots of travel coming up, three weeks where I was without my laptop due to needing repair, being a full-time mom of two toddlers (one of which told me, with tears in her eyes, that I was too busy 😦 ), and a Bible study leader – among other things – I just can’t get it done.  Going to need to take a break after The Hotline Girl and The 12th Girl in Heaven’s release parties.  I’m hoping that no one is greatly disappointed in me, as I feel like bowing low sorrowfully to all of you.  I really liked my Cinderella twist, so I hope to write it some day, but, as for now, I’m just going to focus on The Hotline Girl and The 12th Girl in Heaven (the latter, of which, is almost done!)

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As for the good news!

I’m going on a blog tour! 

These wonderful people have agreed to host interviews of me (or my character Arabella Rose!) during the month of April.  So I will be writing on their blogs instead of my own, hoping to catch some of their regular readers’ attention, as well as send all of you to new blogs that will hopefully interest you!

Please check out these fantastic blogs.  Every single one of them is interesting, and it’s nothing short of an honor to get hosted on them.

The schedule, for the blog tour, is as follows (but I will still post on this blog on these dates to give you an excerpt and remind you where to go to read the whole interview):

Wednesday, April 9th (In two days!) – http://homemademythology.com/ (Interview)
Tuesday, April 14thhttps://16sundays.wordpress.com/ (Interview with relation to Myers-Briggs and being an ESFJ)
Thursday, April 16th http://lanternleafpress.com/ (Interview)
Tuesday, April 21st – http://heatherfitzgerald.net/ (Interview, of one of The Hotline Girl’s main characters: Arabella Rose)

Wednesday, April 22nd(?  Stay tuned for any changes) – http://simmeringmind.com/ (Article on romance in young adult fiction)

Stay tuned for pictures of cosplay, on this blog, in between these interviews!  😀