16Sundays Interview!

Next up on my blog tour: Interview with 16Sundays!

This interview is all about my Myers-Briggs personality type, and the types of my main characters, Toby and Arabella Rose!  Not only does Monica, over at 16Sundays, blog about the Myers-Briggs personality types, but she designs shirts for each type!  I love the ESFJ one.  🙂  Check it out by clicking the picture above!

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An excerpt of the interview:

a.     What is a common personality trait of your ‘type’ that is true about you?

I am an ESFJ. This type is known as the epitome of the “mother bear.” I guess I definitely fit that, as I’ve been called a mother by even my very best friends, who are my peers. 😉 I also have an absolute loathing of [Read more here]