The Hotline Girl – New and Improved!

My first book with a publishing company, – and not self-published by myself – is here!  I have a sparkly new cover, and a brand new review, and a whole company who has my back.  🙂

Check it out.  This version has some changed names and a brand new final chapter.  🙂

Only 99 cents!  Leave me a review when you’re done.  🙂



Sneak Peek of The Hotline Girl!


The Hotline Girl is a modern retelling of Beauty and the Beast (No fantasy, but what if the story happened next door to us in our city?  etc.)

Here’s a sneak peek!

Clicking her pen stubbornly, Arabella Rose sat at her metal desk in tedious silence. She glanced up at the popcorn ceiling, counting the ancient sparkles. Forty-five, forty-six… She had once gotten up to five hundred on an especially dull day. Tearing her eyes away, still mentally counting in her head, she dropped her gaze down to her dog-eared desk calendar. The little illustration of a palm tree and a beach was cartoonish and badly drawn, but she gazed at it with longing. Why was Hank such a penny-pincher about the A.C.? She spent every day drowning in her worn leather seat.

“What’s up, beautiful?”


Arabella Rose groaned, a bit of it escaping audibly. “Seriously? Can’t you put more of the budget into air conditioning this place better?”

Hank Hunkston grinned at her, his hairsprayed black locks never out of place. “We get coolness seeping in from the floors above and below us. You know I like a girl glistening in sweat!”

The man was tall and brawny. Beefy was the right word. He laughed loudly at everything, and his feet stank. But he was her boss. Someday he’d push her too far and she’d get the pleasure of reporting him for harassment.

Arabella Rose laid her damp head down on her desk and fanned herself with one hand. She had closed her eyes for only a second when her desk’s centerpiece, a mint-colored phone, rang.

The chirp of the phone was like a shot of epinephrine to her drowsy brain, which hurt more than usual lately. Jumping up in her seat, she pushed back her auburn hair with one hand, took a deep breath, and answered, adjusting the mic on her headpiece.

Hank winked and quietly moved away. “I’ll leave you to it!” he mouthed.

Game face on, she didn’t acknowledge him. Calming herself for whatever would come next, Arabella Rose prepared to do what she did best: save a life.

“Hello. This is Arabella Rose. How can I help you?” When answering that most important green phone on her desk, she made her voice purposefully soft, serene, and soothing. She blew a silent breath out of her mouth, leaned forward determinedly, and waited.

There was silence for a solid sixty seconds. This didn’t surprise her. There were some that just wanted to hear a voice.

Bringing her tone down another notch, until it was almost liquid velvet, she tried again. “My name is Arabella Rose. It’s kind of different, isn’t it? I’d love to know your name. Is it as crazy as mine? I want to know you because you’re worth knowing to me.”

She could hear the deep, wobbly sigh, the shaky, gasping breath. How many times had she heard a similar sound? How much weeping and sobbing had she listened to in the two years she had been working here? Too many to count. Too many thousands of tears fell from the voices on the other line.

This was what she was made for. This was how she would pay her debt to her loved one.

“Is this the county suicide hotline?” the wobbly voice asked in her ear.

Arabella Rose kept her words easy and pleasant. “Yes, sir. Is there anything you’d like to talk about?”

“Probably not. I was a fool to have called.” The man’s voice, young and insistent, dissolved.

She heard deep, soulful crying. Oh, to hear a man cry like that. It still shook her to her core, even after two years. It still reminded her of him.

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Meet My New Characters – With Pictures and MB Types!

Since Myers-Briggs humor is my most popular by far (Thanks to Reddit!), with my two humorous MB posts hitting first and third most popular posts of all time, I thought it smart to introduce you to what’s coming this year in a Myers-Briggs way.  😀


We’ve spent a lot of time giving (click on links) Angel-Lover a new cover, interviewing Chad, and creating Angel-Lover merchandise.

Now it’s time for you readers to hear about what I’m currently working on!

Three novellas will be coming out this summer, possibly as a set (Stay tuned for info on that).  They are all fairy tale remakes and around 20,000 words.  Imagine your favorite fairy tale subtly set in modern day times, each nuance and classic element being twisted and formed in a new way.  This will involve Beauty and the Beast, The Twelve Dancing Princesses, and Cinderella like you’ve never seen them before!  🙂

(Novellas appropriate for New Adult and older – 17 years+)

Therefore, let me introduce you to my protagonist and her deuteragonist (main character and secondary main character) for each story by giving you their Myers-Briggs personality type (Click on any of the types to see more about it on another website).  🙂


The Hotline Girl:

This work is already completed, and ready to be introduced to you first this summer 2015!


Arabella Rose Beauregard

Age: 23

MB Type: ISTJ – Dependable, hard-working, dutiful, private, thorough, efficient, punctual, traditional, practical, responsible, honest, rule following, sacrificial, devoted, service-oriented, rigid, committed

(ISTJ is the most common type.  Does this describe you? 🙂 )

Goal: To save the world

Picture of what Arabella Rose might look like, just for fun



Toby Beestlie

Age: 28

MB Type: ENTP – innovative, perceptive, curious, logical, imaginative, crafty, enthusiastic, objective, introspective, impersonal, assertive, carefree, gregarious, intellectual, entrepreneurial, non-conforming, carefree, spontaneous

(Crazy geniuses, these guys)

Goal: To be the best always.

Picture of what Toby might look like, just for fun (Extra points if you know who this really is!)

Topics Covered in The Hotline Girl:

Forgiveness, depression, suicide, empathy, vanity

NOT the real cover, but something fun while you wait for the real one!




The 12th Girl in Heaven:

In process right now!  Currently on chapter 11


Macy Bandele

Age: 19

MB Type: ISFJ – observant, kind, sensitive, traditional, loyal, private, quiet, disciplined, empathetic, organized, practical, gentle, fearful

(The introverted version of me  😉 )

Goal: To not step on any toes, to be safe, and yet to become popular

Picture of what Macy might look like, just for fun




Dillan Noughton

Age: 19

MB Type: ENFJ – Idealistic, social, expressive, people-oriented, caring, charismatic, assertive, positive, supportive, encouraging, organized, abstract, enthusiastic, leader, selfless, passionate, affectionate, nurturing

(This is the type of my mother, who I happen to think is one of the best people on this earth  😛 )

Goal: To protect Macy

Picture of what Dillan might look like, just for fun

(Anyone recognize him?  Haha.  I’m dating myself here.)

Topics covered in The 12 Girl in Heaven:

Peer pressure, sororities, secret-keeping, alcohol, and trafficking

NOT the final cover, but something I made up for fun:




Princess Permanent


Sabrina Killara

Age: 25

MB Type: ISFP – Harmonious, creative, adaptable, warm, independent, sensitive, friendly, sensation-loving, asthetically-inclined, relaxed, private, carefree

(Know any?  Sounds like you?)

Goal: To be loved by her prince, and be crowned princess

Picture of what Sabrina might look like, just for fun



Prince Derry

Age: 30

MB Type: INFP – Idealistic, future-focused, independent, artistic, guarded, meaningful, abstract, imaginative, intuitive, empathetic, private, sensitive, peace-loving, internally aware, creative, different

(The type I find the hardest to understand, so I research them a ton and write about them often)

Goal: To enjoy all that is beautiful in life

Picture of what Derry might look like, just for fun

Topics covered in Princess Permanent:

Vanity, pageants, spoiling children, intellect

NOT the real cover, but something fun I put together to give you an idea:


Give me your thoughts!  Are any of my characters your personality type?  Any you want to know more about?  Thank you for supporting me, praying for me, and being excited about my new projects!




SNEAK PEEK: Book Cover Concept!

This is a working novella cover concept sneak peek!

 But I need YOUR help again.

Which do you like better?  And why?  And do you like “Princess Permanent” or “Princess Permanently” better?  And why?

This is going to be a modern retelling of “Cinderella” under 40,000 words.  I will happily unveil it at the same time as The Hotline Girl (my Beauty and the Beast retelling) is published!  The Hotline Girl will either come out as a contest winner in a paperback volume with four other versions of Beauty and the Beast, or on Amazon Kindle by itself.

I would like to have at least two other modern adaptions of fairy tales to appear with The Hotline Girl.  A writer friend suggested it, and everyone else agreed.  I think it’s a great idea, and I have a few ideas up my sleeve!  I think that the third fairy tale will be “The Twelve Dancing Princesses,” but that’s not set in stone yet.

But, without further distraction, here are the two cover ideas and titles.  Which one?  You pick!