Cover for Heartsick!

This is the cover for the book that I started two years ago.  I took a year off from it to write The Hotline Girl, The 12th Girl in Heaven, and Lucent Sylph.

This will be my longest book. I’m at 70k words, and just have 2-3 chapters left to write.

Going to have it go through editing and proofreading and really pick it to pieces, so I don’t expect to have it ready to read until December-January. I will also be a children’s leader again for Bible Study Fellowship, and continue homeschooling, and will be busy, so I will have less time… but I have a cover anyway.

I like to get my title and cover ASAP, because it inspires me.




This year, I am taking my authoress business seriously.  Amazon Kindle was a great start.

But the next step is definitely a professional cover for Angel-Lover.

Petercover on Fiverr is working on an amazing design to revamp Angel-Lover for its second edition!

I hope, tomorrow, to unveil the new cover!

For now, let me give you a sneak peek of the model I found, and whose picture I bought, to become our Angelique.  Isn’t she gorgeous?  She is absolutely perfect.

Please welcome Angelique!  (I’m leaving the watermark on her face for now to protect my picture.)


Stay tuned, tomorrow, for the unveiling of the full cover!