Make Your Mami Tomoe Musket for Under $20!

Mami Tomoe’s Musket – Puella Magi Madoka Magica – Cosplay Project


I don’t know about you, but I am just not buying a Mami Tomoe musket replica for $90+, or taking a difficult woodworking class, when all I would need the musket for is one day a year at an anime con.  Therefore, shopping around online, I discovered this wooden toys website:

There, I found this wooden gun

I bought the natural wood version for $11.99 (+shipping)!

It’s thicker and heartier than it looks.  It’s three feet long and almost an inch wide. It’s a great blank canvas to paint.








I applied four coats of regular acrylic white paint, just to make sure no wood grain showed through.  Then I drew Mami’s designs on with a pencil.




Lastly, I painted inside of the box, but outside of the designs black.


IMG_4709 IMG_4710


And there you go!  You’ve got Mami Tomoe’s musket!  For anywhere from $15-20, depending on how little you can spend on paint!







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