A Memory About Family

But he could read minds. He had to have known about his destiny all along. No one could keep a secret from him. Why didn’t he turn himself in?

“Because I was protecting my parents.”

I spun around. Gem stood at my open door. His gaze pinned me.
“What do you mean?” I asked. So much for get-to-know-you chitchat!
“No need for chitchat, Miss Punicello. I know you already.” His voice was flat and matter-of-fact, as if patiently explaining a complicated concept to a child.
I said nothing.
“From almost birth, I had an understanding of what I was meant to do for the world. My parents were afraid because I was gifted, and they worried about whether or not I was the next Omnicron. They were really scared at the thought of giving me up, and my mom panicked inside every time she wondered about it. So I hid my magical gifts from the moment I was old enough to understand them. They didn’t know. They weren’t at fault.”
“But… they were imprisoned –”
“They weren’t. Instead of making The Savior Omnicron look selfish and deceitful, Tuson worked with the national justice system to pretend to ‘do away with them,’ but instead they helped my parents go into hiding. The world needed to make an example of them for show.”
I sputtered. “What? Your poor parents! That’s terrible! People are judging them falsely!”
– Gem
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(and out in A Bottle of Glass Hearts, releasing on February 14, 2018!)
Thoughts of Blaine’s mother always came with thoughts of his stiff, traditional father, his serious lips a constant thin line. It was as if James T. York always feared originality and spontaneity would burst out and humiliate him one day, so he kept his thoughts firmly tied in the back of his throat. Growing up, it was hard to get the man to say more than three sentences a day, and they tended to be always the same like a stuck old-fashioned record: “Thank you for the coffee” (always black), “Supper was delicious, my dear,” (always after having finished his entire plate), and “How was school, Blaine?” (to which “Okay, Dad” was always the answer).
Blaine’s mother had named him – the woman was bursting with creativity that was slowly and lovingly stifled under her husband’s stick-in-the-mud heavy monotony. So she cooked. Baked. Broiled. And sautéed. And she was pretty darn good at it too. Her confections could have won her a spot in a top bakery. But those masterpieces were created for the York family mouths only, to Blaine’s dismay.
The day he had announced he wanted to be a hairdresser, his mother’s eyes had sparkled without surprise. He had been playing with her graying wiry strands since they were blond and springy. He had kept her looking glamorous for years.
But his father’s eyes had blinked in horror. “Isn’t that a job for women?” had been the expected dark-ages reply from James T. York, banker and owner of three navy blue suits and two gray ties.
“I’m an artist, dad. It’s an art. And I really love people.” Blaine threw out a chuckle as if he didn’t care. But he did. Confrontation wasn’t his strong suit, and he wanted the fight to be over before it began. “I already have enough for school and you don’t have to spend a cent.”
Blaine had kissed his mother’s wet cheeks, moved out, and, a thousand practice hours and a license later, teamed up with Marguerite, a schoolmate. She had a steady military boyfriend and an inheritance from a beloved grandmother, and so she offered him a partnership strings-free. At that point, even James T. York saw Blaine was committed. The day his father came in to Upper Cuts for his standard Ivy League cut was the day Blaine felt he had arrived.
– Curls for Rae
(in A Bottle of Glass Hearts, releasing February 14, 2018!)
“Please! Don’t hang up on me! I want you to come home!”
My cry echoed hollowly as the dial tone stung my ear. Dropping the receiver, the burning hit my eyes with a hellish fervor. They stung until the saltwater tears poured out to douse the fire behind my vision.
She wasn’t coming home. My beautiful, lovely, one and only teenage daughter. Lost to me, she refused to leave the sin and return. Repenting and begging for forgiveness wasn’t on her rebellious bucket list.
Was this the fifth time I wept today? The constant falling of life-water onto my face did nothing to assuage my heart. Like a bandage that would not stick, the tears failed me, but still, they would not cease.
Drained with grief, I stumbled back into the room where my husband lay sleeping, and crawled under the heavy quilt. Wrapping myself securely, I crouched near his warm body, trembling with the shivering sobs. Chill seeped in through the sheets. Would I ever be able to set a firm chin of resignation to this issue of my precious baby daughter?
– His Bottles of Tears
(in A Bottle of Glass Hearts, releasing February 14, 2018!)
“When we are first born out of a moment of deep adoration, our mother sends us away in our infant state, choosing, at birth, that we will be the saviors of our families. We chrysalize like your butterflies, and, in just over a year, we mature into the adults you see now. Your atmosphere hits our full-grown hearts, and we feel that we are starving. This sent us to find you human to keep us alive. Those that are not sold quickly despair and die.
– Lucent Sylph
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(and in A Bottle of Glass Hearts, releasing February 14, 2018!)
She flung it. Threw it from her with the might of a thousand starwarriors before her. The hot ball of gas spun and sputtered, flying end over end. It whirled toward the densely ebony being only a few light years from her, its ugly hide filling the entire span of a galaxy.
– Aine, Starwarrior
(in A Bottle of Glass Hearts, releasing February 14, 2018!)

A Bottle of Glass Hearts!

Introducing you to my FIVE short stories compilation!!

My little burning glass hearts include:

His Bottles of Tears
Curls for Rae
Aine, Starwarrior
and Lucent Sylph!

This compilation will be published, for $2.99, on Valentines’ Day!  February 14, 2018!

I had original art – concocted up in my head, and made a reality by the lovely, amazing, talented Julia Mae Busko.

So today I’m introducing you to this cover (and the main characters of each below)!!!


This is going to be a collection of the most heart-warming, tear-inducing, emotion-ridden, lovely little jewels I can think up. CanNOT wait to share with you!

Now about the main characters for each story!  

In “Gem,” the main character is SOLEIL PUNICELLO:Soleil Punicello
She is ESFJ, motherly, sweet, innocent, and optimistic. The story starts out with her receiving a prestigious high-clearance job being a caregiver for her planet’s Omnicron – the telepathic, telekinetic genius child who is going to save the planet with the power of his mind.


prayIn “His Bottles of Tears,” the main character is an unnamed fifty-something MOM who is struggling, devastated, and wavering in her understanding of God’s sovereignty and goodness. The story starts out with her pleading with her prodigal young adult daughter to come home.


In “Curls for Rae,” the protagonist is BLAINE YORK:3d4b761149fb19f50eaeb12ddd2d83e5
He is ISFP, sensitive, artistic, romantic, and empathetic. The story starts out with him, a New York city hairdresser, being intrigued by a mystery woman who comes in for a styling each week, and sits in his chair and cries.


Milky Way. Night Sky With Stars And Silhouette Of A ManIn “Aine, Starwarrior,” the protagonist is AINE:
She is competent, determined, and self-sacrificing, a galaxy-sized starwarrior who fights intergalactic monsters to protect planets around her.


In “Lucent Sylph,” the protagonist is LUCAS THISSEL: He is ISFJ, introverted, sensitive,Lucas quiet, and studious.  He is trying to find his purpose in life, motherless, and with a cold, angry father. He wants to avoid the alien pets people are collecting at all costs. These “pets” thrive on the perfect balance of love from their owners, and Lucas is scared about his own hidden emotions.


Stay tuned for this short story compilation, arriving on Amazon on February 14th!!

Amazon Bestseller!

Gem is selling SO well that, even though it’s still a pre-order, it’s up at #7 on the Amazon bestseller list for all short sci-fi/fantasy!!  :-O  I’ve never gotten that high for a paid book!

Maybe a few more sales will tide it over into the #1 position!  So if you were planning on reading it, could you order it today?  Thank you, everyone!


Libera Boys Choir, a Blurb, and Gem!

The blurb for “Gem” as well as the song that inspired it!


From the bestselling author of Lucent Sylph comes a new story about a friendship in an unlikely place: between the child savior of a dying planet and his handler.

The planet of Topha is breaking into pieces and the next core earthquake will crack the planet into oblivion.

But God has sent generations of Omnicrons: children born with advanced brain abilities, telepathy and telekinesis – children who will be called upon to literally hold the planet together with the power of their minds. Few Omnicrons survive the core quake.

Twenty-five-year-old Soleil is hired to be a motherly caretaker for this year’s Omnicron, the precocious and brooding eleven-year-old named Gem. She finds herself drawn to the doomed child. Will Gem survive the task ahead of him? Can Soleil heal his heart in the meantime?


GEM is Almost Here!!!

Guys, guys, guys! In ONE MONTH, November 1st, Gem is coming your way!
Didn’t get to read the Hall of Heroes Anthology, but want to read my little Gem story all the same? It’s coming out as a single next month!
Going to be talking about Gem all month with #WIPjoy to spark your interest, and thenGem 2 I’ll be presenting it to you at the end! Woot!!

So what’s it about? Gemini “Gem” is a genius preteen with telepathic and telekinetic abilities. He was born to save his planet of Topha from a devastating, planet-destroying Core Earthquake by using his MIND.
Talk about lots of pressure. (Har har… see what I did there?) 

In case you’re new to this blog and don’t know who I am – let me complete #WIPjoy Day 2 right now and give you a bio:

I have been a Christian since I was 2 1/2, a writer since I was 7, married since I was 23, and a mother since age 24. I am happiest homeschooling, and writing is that intellectual hobby I turn to because I need it desperately like a glass of cold water.
385861_3070429605502_1085714756_nI love issue-driven realistic fiction, but will write just about anything that involves a unique relationship and deep heart-to-heart dialogue. 

Tell me about YOU!

The Boy Who is Forced to Save the World

I’m so excited to announce that I have the most amazing privilege of being a part of The Fellowship of Fantasy‘s second anthology!  Last year they did one on “Fantastic Creatures,” and this year on fantasy heroes!


I have written a short story about an eleven-year-old telepathic and telekinetic genius named Gemini (or “Gem”), who was born to be the next “Omnicron” (think Avatar, the Last Airbender in a way) to use his mental abilities to hold the planet together during the next core earthquake that could rip it apart.

Gem 2

Gem is INTP, precocious, emotionally shattered (Can you imagine reading minds your whole life?!) and cynical.

Meet our main character: Soleil Punicello. She is a twenty-five-year-old who is employed to nurture and protect Gem’s fragile psyche.

Soleil Punicello

Can she help him prepare for a role that could kill him?

Gem is like a mix between The Giver, Ender’s Game, and Lucent Sylph. If you like those style of stories, you should love Gem!

To read my story, and 27 other stories by my dear, intelligent, gifted author friends in this anthology FOR FREE, click here!  Enjoy!  And please leave us a review!  Let us know which stories were your favorites!

(Disclaimer: I have not read the other stories in this anthology, although each of the authors had to abide by the rules of “clean reading” material laid out in the group.  We each went through a rigorous judging – “Gem” passed with flying colors and made a judge cry!  WOOT – and were deemed acceptable for the anthology, but I can’t warn of any content myself. I have read half of the previous anthology and enjoyed it!)