Brain and spirit
Soul and mind
Where they intersect
And combine?

Where does
Fade deep into

When do I say “Enough!
You’re wrong!”
When give comfort
Blanket with a song?

Cycle after cycle
Generationally blind
Procures one after the other
No healing I find.

Yet the individual
Stands alone
In front of God
And his judgment throne.

Only He can sift
The past from the present
The one from the whole
The wicked memories or pleasant.

But what about me
Bruised and torn?
I watch and wait
Do I leave them forlorn?

Boundaries and walls?
Or abundant mercy?
Trust my own heart?
Or wiser hearsay?

Stuck in the limbo
Where grey and murk reside
Love looks different
On this side.

I wake every day begging
For God to guide.
Each response is unique
Each time I cried.

Don’t cast stones
Deep into another’s bog.
We are all levels of wading
This life’s intense fog.

God give us grace
No way to be perfect.
Not drowning now
Head above the surface.