Artificial Love’s Cover Reveal!

It’s here!  Artificial Love’s AMAZING cover is here!  Thank you, thank you, Seedlings Design!

The pre-order is up too if you want this short story.  🙂

Blurb: Deep in the heart of the wild west, rebel marauders are drawing out a bloody civil war that no side can win. Many ranchers, including Lisbeth’s father die trying to save their farms, leaving their women to fight to keep their land and stay alive.

When Lisbeth and her mousy younger sister Ruth come face to face with the uncouth land pirates who seize their farm as a scouting base, they only have one plan to protect their virtue: pretend to be commonplace, advanced domestic robots. Suppressing their fears, enslaved to the ruffians, the two young women are determined to convince the men they’re not human.

Their plan hits a snag when they meet Dane: a gorgeous prisoner-of-war who has a secret belief that robots can become sentient and develop emotions on their own… and he’s determined to use Lisbeth as proof.

Can the sisters keep up their ruse and survive?

For fans of The Twilight Zone meets Gone with the Wind and Magnificent Seven


Robots, Cowboys, and New Books!

THE DAY the marauders came for us started with an ominous gray horizon. Dust flew in on the heavy winds that stirred up the dirt and grime stuck to every inch of our farmhouse, silt and debris like tears gathering in the corners of the old building’s eyes.

It had been eleven months since our father had passed, struck down by the roving gangs of rebels that plagued our country from the bottom up, the battles for power that had been fought, without end, for an entire generation.  No end to this war in sight.  No side willing to give in.

Papa had been a peaceful man, as sturdy as the strong oak that made up the sides of his enormous barn.  Not interested in politics or feuds, he wanted to raise animals and crops in peace until the end of his days, and then pass on the land to his two unmarried daughters – me, the old maid in her late twenties, and eighteen-year-old mousy Ruth, too timid to leave my side.  Mama had died of the influenza back when Ruth was two, and the loss had left her child heart as skittish as a tiny rabbit’s. She never left the property.

Thus bound, I had given up all hope of my own future, and had thrown all of my dreams and affection into the grand old farmhouse, the barns overflowing with happy animals, and the little plants straining to reach the expansive prairie skies.

It was a good life.

We had multiple artificial farmhands, bland male robot models that Papa had bought with his savings. They did the work of ten men, never tiring except for the six hours of battery recharging they required at night.

But then Papa was killed.


— Artificial Love, coming out February 2019


Happy New Year, friends and readers!!! So thankful for all of you and your motivation to keep me writing for Christ! 

This month I’m going to be focusing on getting you all excited for my new sci-fi cattlepunk short story, “Artificial Love,” coming out in February! It’s around 7k words, so the size of Lucent Sylph and Gem, both of my award-winning stories.   

The first piece of news I have to share is that I’m getting Seedlings Designs to make the cover!!  So stay tuned for that – cover reveal at the end of the month!  🙂



Sacrifices must be made.

On a desert planet, all citizens must cooperate to survive. The scientific organization, Pallagen, protects the colony city of Exordia–whether they want it or not.

Rebels must be broken.

Ex-Pallagen researcher Lena Ward isn’t going down without a fight. Her team of Exordia rejects is ready to pierce Pallagen’s benevolent exterior and expose the truth of their horrible agenda.

Loyalty must be programmed.

Amnesiac Alex Kleric is reclaiming her life as an Enforcer dedicated to Exordia and Pallagen. But the records aren’t jogging her memories. Something is wrong–and all questions point to Lena Ward and her underground rebellion.

Progress must continue.

To save Exordia. At any cost.


Exordia CoverIntroducing a new sci-fi novel from Uncommon Universes Press!  Excited about this one!  😀 



The glass-fronted entrance had a row of automatic doors. They didn’t open when Lena and Brant approached as they would have during business hours, but Lena pulled the handle of one and it swung open easily.

She paused, door held open. There were answers inside this lab, but also risk. She didn’t know what Pallagen was hiding or what she would do when she found out, but once she walked through this door, she couldn’t walk away. Pallagen would see her intrusion as a declaration of war, and she would have no choice but to fight them or die trying.

She looked up at the building, twilight glinting off the glass, to where Dani—wounded, angry—was perched. She glanced at Brant, who’d had a girlfriend before Pallagen stole that from him. She wasn’t just facing down Pallagen because of what they’d done with her research. This was about what they’d taken from the people around her. Some of her nerves faded. She licked her lips and turned to Brant.

“Are you ready?”

Brant unzipped his jacket, revealing the armored vest he was wearing beneath it. He pulled a dark scarf over the lower half of his face and nodded. Lena pulled the door open wider and walked through the entrance.

There were three guards wearing Pallagen gray in the reception area: one behind the desk monitoring cameras, and two lounging on comfortable-looking chairs, facing away from the windows. They snapped to attention at Lena’s entrance, completely surprised at their approach, thanks to Dani’s control of the cameras.

“Good evening, gentlemen,” Lena said, smiling, hands in the pockets of her overdramatic coat. Brant stood behind her, slightly to her right. He had his blaster out, both hands wrapped around the grip and aimed at the guards. Set to stun, Lena hoped. They were only here for information.

Before the guards had time to draw their weapons, Brant stunned the two by the chairs, the blue light of the stunner bright in the dim office. He was quick and accurate. Lena nodded in approval.

Behind the desk, the third guard, young and wide-eyed, raised his hands. “Revelator! Who are you?”

“Should we tell him?” Brant’s voice was muffled by the scarf. “Or should we take the wise path of criminals everywhere and remain anonymous?”

Lena resisted the urge to roll her eyes. “Stun him. We have a job to do.”

The guard’s face twisted in panic before Brant stunned him. Blue light washed over him, and his eyes rolled back into his head as he slumped in his chair.

Brant pulled the scarf down and smiled. “See? This isn’t so hard.”

Lena huffed. “Don’t get too cocky. This is the reception area. There will be other guards back in the labs.” Still, she felt some of the tension across her shoulders release at their successful entry. “Besides, we had the element of surprise on our side. Pallagen wasn’t expecting us. They’ll be ready next time.”

Author BioAuthor Sarah Ott Photo

(Isn’t she cute? 🙂 )

Sarah E. Ott lives and breathes stories that involve high stakes and character-driven plots. When she’s not chasing plot bunnies or emoting over good literature, she can be found doing one of the following things: a) working as a kids ministry office administrator, b) driving her Prius to Dunkin’ Donuts, or c) curled up on a couch with a book and covered in live cats.

Social media links:




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GEM is Almost Here!!!

Guys, guys, guys! In ONE MONTH, November 1st, Gem is coming your way!
Didn’t get to read the Hall of Heroes Anthology, but want to read my little Gem story all the same? It’s coming out as a single next month!
Going to be talking about Gem all month with #WIPjoy to spark your interest, and thenGem 2 I’ll be presenting it to you at the end! Woot!!

So what’s it about? Gemini “Gem” is a genius preteen with telepathic and telekinetic abilities. He was born to save his planet of Topha from a devastating, planet-destroying Core Earthquake by using his MIND.
Talk about lots of pressure. (Har har… see what I did there?) 

In case you’re new to this blog and don’t know who I am – let me complete #WIPjoy Day 2 right now and give you a bio:

I have been a Christian since I was 2 1/2, a writer since I was 7, married since I was 23, and a mother since age 24. I am happiest homeschooling, and writing is that intellectual hobby I turn to because I need it desperately like a glass of cold water.
385861_3070429605502_1085714756_nI love issue-driven realistic fiction, but will write just about anything that involves a unique relationship and deep heart-to-heart dialogue. 

Tell me about YOU!

If a Bird Pooped on You…

Well, when I finish one book, I immediately start the next.  😀  That’s because, while
writing the end chapters on the last book, I’m already scheming the next one.

I have to write something different every time.  I’m not usually a series sort of gal.  I have to have variety and try new things.  But THIS time I’m going to attempt a trilogy.  A sci-fi trilogy.  A SUPERHERO sci-fi trilogy.

I’m scared.

Not sure I can do this!  It’s going to take me a while, and I only have three chapters rough-draft-written at this point.

But, thanks to Janeen Ippolito, a fellow author acquaintance of mine, I got to ask some great awkward questions of my new characters, in order to truly get to know them inside and out.

To introduce you to them, book 1 (or perhaps the trilogy itself) is going to

Olivia and Slater

Slater and Olivia

be called The Depressers.  My superhero, Slater Khaven, is going to be an average computer software engineer with no special powers other than his sarcastic wit.

His girlfriend, the elusive, amazing, talented, savvy, tough as nails Olivia Gold, is actually dead by house fire at the very beginning of the book.  (No, no.  I didn’t get this mixed up with Heartsick!) and you learn, in flashbacks, what she was like and how she prepared and shaped Slater to be the superhero that he will be.

In a fit of sentimentality, Slater puts on Olivia’s contact lenses, the only surviving memento he has of her, and discovers a whole world only his girlfriend knew existed – of enemies he must fight.

In Myers-Briggs terms, Slater is an ISTJ.  Olivia is INTJ.

Here, I ask them super awkward questions.  😀


1. Would they wear the same clothes two days in a row?

Slater – Um… what’s wrong with that? I thought it was when you hit day 5… or wait. Was it day 7? that you had to change your clothes. Oh grief. Now all the ladies are going to think I’m gross. I DO change my boxers every three days. Or maybe every other. I don’t remember! I’m a bachelor and finally on my own! Do I HAVE to care? Man alive!”

Olivia – “Eh. I try. Sometimes I’m really busy and just can’t. I don’t sweat. I don’t stink. I’m practically perfect like that. Plus, my stuff’s all leather and nylon. That stuff breathes well. And I work at night. Yo, why are you asking about my clothes anyway? It’s none of your beeswax, idiot.”

2. What would they do if a bird pooped on them?

Slater – says every euphemism he knows under his breath. Makes sure not to actually curse, because he’s a Christian, but says everything else that’s as close to cursing as he can get. Scrubs it off with his hand… “Now wait, RJ. Come on! THEN I would change my clothes! You’re destroying my reputation here.”




Olivia – Would burn the outfit. Or at least throw it in a dumpster as far away from her house as possible. Probably shoots the bird.

3. What would they do if they ended up with an unexpected pregnancy?

Slater – Goes into a reclusive state for a few weeks where he doesn’t eat or sleep and thinks through every aspect of his future and mourns the loss of his dreams. Then emerges and responsibly cares for his child. Ends up being a great and involved dad.

Olivia – Doesn’t agree with abortion, but is tempted by it. In a hardened state of mind, refers to the baby as “It” and “fetus” and assumes she’ll miscarry because she keeps up her nightly “crime-fighting.” Delivers the baby safely and becomes a total over-protective, nurturing sap. Growls at anyone who tries to touch her child.

4. Do they have any addictions?

Slater – “*sigh* Probably TV. Oh, and Girl Scout cookies. Star Trek… Oh, I’m definitely addicted to coffee. The internet? Gaming. Yes, gaming. Wow, I think I tend to be an easily-addicted person…”

Olivia – “My job. And Slater.” *huge grin that is strangely evil looking*

Slater – “Man alive. I would’ve said you, Olivia. I would’ve. I didn’t know we could list people. You know you’re my world…”

Olivia – *holds out a taser*

Slater – “No. Put that down, baby. DOWN, girl.”

5. Who would they die for?

Slater – “Anyone. I’d love to be a hero. Honestly, I’d die for a stranger on a bus if I needed to. I’d like to think that’s in my nature. My brother’s in the military, and I can be a quiet hero over here in Seattle.”

Olivia – “Anyone. It’s my life purpose, and I have a feeling it’s going to happen someday anyway. Being a protector is what I was born to do.”



Working with Amazon

My site header and background images are back!  WordPress must’ve had a hiccup yesterday.

Speaking of hiccups, I’m having a problem with  They are refusing to sell Lucent Sylph for free.  Smashwords, Nook, Kobo, and iTunes look like they are going to comply, but my tried-and-true Amazon is refusing me.  I got a nice email back stating, simply, “We refuse.”

Praying I can contact them with the info from the other websites, showing that everyone else is listing it for free, and convince them to drop their price from $0.99 to free so that I can truly give you this short story, without a cost, straight to your Kindle or other device.

If I had to just refer you to the other websites (unless you wanted to pay me a buck!  😀 ), would you go there instead?  It will be easy to get it sent to your device.  I’m hoping this isn’t too confusing, and that it doesn’t hurt my sales.  I’m a bit disgruntled.

My sister, her husband, and baby are coming in from out of town tomorrow, and I don’t want to spend any more hours finagling all of this right now.  Pray it gets resolved.  Know, for sure, that you WILL get Lucent Sylph for free – it just may be on a different website than

Thanks, all!  ❤

777 Game

Holding her between my palms, I felt the heat of her happy heart, mine drumming its own rapid and excited rhythm. I love too much. I am a pathetic, weak, teenage guy. I cannot do this!
Nissa attempted to lie on my pillow the first night, her body heating my closed eyelids.
“I will make you your own bed,” I sighed. “You are too close and I might crush you.”
Her happy nod grew her heart with another strong pulse, and I feared for her life.

Vicki Tapia tagged me for the 777 game.  7 lines from page 7 of Lucent Syph!

My own drawing of what I think Nissa looks like.  Like my sketch?  See the veins?  This is Nissa in a happy state.  At some point I’ll get brave enough to try watercoloring this.  🙂


Comment if you want to be tagged as well.  🙂

Cover Reveal for Lucent Sylph!!

No Facebook party this time.  Instead, this a freebie I’m giving to all of you, my favorite readers.  It will be out in August, and I hope you love it.

I will be putting first chapters and excerpts from all of my other books in the back.  If you could get the word out and pass this freebie around, it will be fantastic advertising for me.  🙂  Be a part of team #LucentSylph!  🙂

Here’s the cover and the prologue to get you hooked! 

2D - Copy

Lucent Sylphs.

The otherworldly pet for the 24th century American.

Own a translucent glass fairy that can sit in the palm of your hand. Own one of these fragile little beings and you set yourself apart from everyone else.

I shuddered when I saw my old friend Josiah showing off his new Lucent Sylph at school at the beginning of the quarter. She sat there, crystal clear, pulsing heart and veins clearly visible beneath her see-through hard skin. Wings as solid as a thin sheet of glass, she eyed the ogling classmates with something like forced apathy, but I suspected she was nervous as well.

“Put her away,” I told him, murmuring for Josiah’s ear alone. “You, of all people, can’t handle a Lucent Sylph.”

Josiah ignored me. “Want to hear her name?” he asked the crowd.

“You named her?” I cried. She was doomed.

Josiah motioned to me. “Lucas, my man! Sounds like you want to know. It’s Nissa!”


            I swallowed hard.

She looked at me. Turned her tiny thumb-sized head and gazed at me, her eyes fathomless and deep. She could tell I feared for her. Emotions were not safe around these creatures.

Josiah had no self-control. She would die.