#30and10 Audio Book and Paperbacks!

If you’re a paperback person, my books are here on Lulu.com in paperback: https://www.lulu.com/shop/search.ep?keyWords=RJ+Conte&type= (except Dashwood Avenue, which is on Amazon in paperback).

I’d also love to announce that The Hotline Girl was chosen to become an audio book!! Working with Piper Lewis, the voice actress, was a dream come true, and she did a fantastic job, and willingly made any corrections I sent her way as well!

Listen to a sample here!



Pretty Pictures of Leading Ladies!

Thank you for rejoicing with me over this miraculous pregnancy!!!

I’ve got more exciting news for you guys soon, but today I want to share what I’ll be doing on my Facebook author page all month.  July marks my thirtieth birthday as well as my 10th anniversary of being a published author.  My first book, Dashwood Avenue, turns ten years old!

Therefore, I’ll be running sales and doing fun facts all month on the Facebook page.  Make sure you like the page so as not to miss a thing.  🙂

Also, I created a collage of my leading ladies (or love interests) in my books.  Posting it here to entice you to read these girls’ stories.

You can find all of my books (Vivien’s story coming soon!) on Amazon.com by clicking right HERE.

RJ's Leading Ladies

Giving Away Free Copies of The Hotline Girl


Tomorrow, Monday the 14th, I’m going to be on my publishing house’s page – Clean Reads – doing fun pictures and info about The Hotline Girl, as well as giving away a few copies of the book. Some of you will have seen my material from before, but I’d love for you to join us anyway, especially if you want to win a free copy of the new and improved novella! 🙂 You can check in during the day, or like the page and set it to notifications so you get notified of all of the posts I have. 🙂

Click herehttps://www.facebook.com/cleanreadspublishing/?fref=ts


The Hotline Girl – New and Improved!

My first book with a publishing company, Cleanreads.com – and not self-published by myself – is here!  I have a sparkly new cover, and a brand new review, and a whole company who has my back.  🙂

Check it out.  This version has some changed names and a brand new final chapter.  🙂

Only 99 cents!  Leave me a review when you’re done.  🙂





Announcing: the winner of the blog tour giveaway!

Everyone who subscribed to all five blogs on the blog tour (click for more info), was entered into a giveaway to win a free copy of The Hotline Girl!

The winner is Beth Steury, from over at Waiting Matters!

Congratulations, Beth!  Please email me at dashwoodavenue@gmail.com to send me your address!

Feel disappointed you didn’t win?  There will be many more prizes at the Facebook party on THIS SATURDAY! (2 PM central time)


Interview at The Simmering Mind!

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Bethany A. Jennings, at The Simmering Mind, is one of my very best friends.  We’ve known each other for 6 1/2 years, and have been super close for most of those, but are finally getting the chance to meet in person.  My toddlers and I flew out to spend a week with her toddlers, her husband, and her.  She has spoiled us with delicious food, great conversation, and fun friends for my girls.  We are so thankful to be able to be here!

She asked for my thoughts on romance tropes in fiction, and how to fix what’s broken.  It was a fun write-up!  Remember, subscribe to The Simmering Mind, and let me know you did, in order to be entered into the drawing for a free paperback copy of The Hotline Girl.

Also, ONE WEEK LEFT until The Hotline Girl is released!  Come to my party on Saturday, May 2nd, to celebrate it with me and earn prizes!

To see an excerpt:

1.  Men are not women.

This might be the biggest “Duh!” moment in this entire post, but, as much as we might laugh, in modern fiction, men are portrayed as women with muscles. They emote, they share, they shop, they cuddle, they adore, and they abstain.

Now, I’m not saying that a good, godly husband won’t do all of these things every so often. But – let’s face it – these monster-type, beefy, serial killer men… [Read more here]

Arabella Rose’s Suicide Hotline Interview!

Interview at Tethered Together!


This was a fascinating interview on my blog tour!  Arabella Rose, the main character of The Hotline Girl, is interviewed this a777ffb878e00caafe35f730cac53f0etime.  She talks suicide hotline work, and what to do if you know someone who is suicidal.  Check it out!

And feel free to join the Facebook party.  🙂

To read an excerpt:

Do you ever become emotionally involved with the people you are helping? And do you ever get frustrated with a caller because they won’t listen to the help you are trying to give them?

In the beginning, I was more emotional.  I still cry some times, but I’ve learned to never let it show in my voice.  I’ve definitely had my fair share of nightmares when [Read more here]

Lantern Leaf Press Interview!

Due to the Internet being cranky, the interview with 16 Sundays, that was scheduled for last Tuesday, will instead be bumped to next Tuesday, April 21st.  Stay tuned for that!

Second Interview with Lantern Leaf Press!


FOLLOW THE BLOG TOUR!  There will be five blogs that I am featured on this month.  Subscribe to each blog, and post here when you do.  At the end, those who have subscribed to every blog will be entered into a drawing to win a free copy of The Hotline Girl!  So subscribe to these amazing writers!

For an excerpt of the interview:

Hello everyone. Today I get the pleasure of introducing a friend of mine to you, and her latest book release The Hotline Girl.

The Hotline Girl is about a young lady who works in a suicide hotline center for very personal reasons. One day she answers the phone and discovers [Read more here]

Blog Tour!

Reminder of the schedule for April’s The Hotline Girl blog tour

If you subscribe to all five blogs, and comment that you did so on this post (or the previous blog tour post), you are entered to win a free paperback copy of The Hotline Girl!


Wednesday, April 9th  – http://homemademythology.com/ (Interview)

Tuesday, April 14th – https://16sundays.wordpress.com/ (Interview with relation to Myers-Briggs and being an ESFJ)

Thursday, April 16th – http://lanternleafpress.com/ (Interview)

Tuesday, April 21st – http://heatherfitzgerald.net/ (Interview, of one of The Hotline Girl’s main characters: Arabella Rose)

Wednesday, April 22nd(?  Stay tuned for any changes) – http://simmeringmind.com/ (Article on romance in young adult fiction)