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Reminder of the schedule for April’s The Hotline Girl blog tour

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Wednesday, April 9th  – (Interview)

Tuesday, April 14th – (Interview with relation to Myers-Briggs and being an ESFJ)

Thursday, April 16th – (Interview)

Tuesday, April 21st – (Interview, of one of The Hotline Girl’s main characters: Arabella Rose)

Wednesday, April 22nd(?  Stay tuned for any changes) – (Article on romance in young adult fiction)

WINNER of Angel-Lover edition 2!

Using dice, the winner, of a paperback copy of Angel-Lover with its brand new cover, is…

Sarah C.!!!3D_2

Sarah, I have your address, and will be sending a copy your way of Angel-Lover, in all its new glory!  Congratulations and thanks for participating in the giveaway!

There’s still a giveaway the rest of you can win.

Chad’s journal, complete with the old picture of Chad, as well as his angel drawing, is still waiting for one amazing fan!

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Let Me Introduce You to My Babies…

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My Fault (Ages 16+) – Christian Romantic Comedy

2D“I realized his eyes had lost that wary look. They were the bluest blue. Bluer than my favorite coffee mug. Bluer than the Solonaise County Public Pool when it’s actually been cleaned at the beginning of the summer before all those little kids in their floaties come and pee in it.”

Quirky Cleo Stanton has a problem: she’s falling for the guy she ran over with her car when she should not have been driving.

A devout Christian and quietly mysterious, Grayson Fox is as cute as he is kind, begrudgingly putting up with Cleo and her motor mouth. But will he ever forgive her for crushing his leg? Can she break him out of his shell? And what hilarity will ensue when the flamboyant Cleo tries to draw him out?



A Bottle of Glass Hearts (Ages 13+) – Collection of Short


Deep and emotional, this touching collection consists of short stories about love and unique relationships, including titles: Gem, Lucent Sylph, Curls for Rae, Aine, Starwarrior, and His Bottles of Tears


Gem (Ages 10+) – Science Fantasy

Gem 2The planet of Topha is breaking into pieces, and the next core earthquake will destroy it, killing the entire population.

But God has sent generations of Omnicrons: children born with advanced brain abilities, telepathy, and telekinesis – children called upon to literally hold the planet together with the power of their minds. Few Omnicrons survive while completing their task.

Twenty-five-year-old Soleil is hired to be a motherly caretaker for the current Omnicron, the precocious and brooding eleven-year-old Gem. She finds herself drawn to the chosen child, but Gem seems resigned to his fate, as numb and emotionless as ever. Undeterred, Soleil resolves to bring joy back into his life. Can Soleil restore Gem’s will to live in time? And even if she can, will it be enough to enable him to survive the task ahead?


Heartsick (Ages 18+) – Christian Romantic Suspense

Blessing Spivey didn’t expect to cause such an uproar on her first day of college.

She’s a missionary kid, outgoing and eager to achieve her dreams, and when she leaves 2Dbehind the harder life of Mexico and arrives at her small Bible college, all she wants is to obtain a teaching degree – and maybe a man as well.

But she’s barely set foot on campus before a shadow looms over her. She is told she’s an exact doppelganger for Tessa Lyme, the popular school sweetheart who shocked the college last semester with her unexpected suicide. And now Tessa’s mysterious ex-boyfriend, Shale Westin, seems to have it out for Blessing.

Despite Shale’s hostility, Blessing is irresistibly drawn to him, and to the strange story of his girlfriend’s death. What secrets did Tessa’s glamorous life hide? And can Blessing protect her own heart from danger?


Lucent with badgeLucent Sylph: A Short Story (Ages 10+) – Science Fantasy

Lucas Thissel has something he fears: an alien species of palm-sized glass fairies called Lucent Sylphs. They came through a portal from a metaphysical dimension, and they indenture themselves as slaves to human beings. Too much neglect or unkindness, and they will cloud over and disintegrate. Too much love and their hearts are overcome and burst.

And one has attached herself to him.



The Hotline Girl (Ages 16+) – Contemporary Romance, Fairy Tale Retelling (No Fantasy)

Arabella Rose is the county’s best suicide hotline telephone operator. But very few know the personal reasons behind her passion, until a call from a strangely compelling man shakes up her entire world.



12thGirl2The 12th Girl in Heaven (Ages 18+) – Crime, Mystery, Romantic Suspense, Fairy Tale Retelling (No Fantasy)

Macy Bandele’s goals are simple: get good grades, don’t make waves at the university, and find some place to belong. The mysterious princess sorority, Rho Lambda Tau, seems like the answer to her problems. If only the handsome Dillan Noughton didn’t keep challenging her way of thinking. What sinister plans do the sorority hide? And can Dillan help save her from herself?



2D Angel-Lover (Ages 16+) – Christian Issue-Driven

Chad is a reclusive teenager whose thoughts are full of loneliness and suicide. The only thing that he obsesses over more than planning his own death is the nicest, sweetest, most beautiful girl in school. As he stalks her and watches her, he learns the truth about who she is and, in the process, finds Something Else he did not expect.



Dashwood Avenuedashwood (Ages 8+) – Historical Mystery

It is 1953 and life for Kiralee Nottingham is dull, boring, and completely lacking in excitement. You can’t get a much smaller, quaint, seaside town than Upper-Chern, South Carolina. No one moves in or out and summer renters are a rare treat. The only kids Kiralee’s age are an obnoxious group that visit every summer. The oldest, George, is Kiralee’s personal irritant. Then, the elusive Slater family moves in. At first it appears they are the friends Kiralee dreamed about, but everything is not as it seems. With them come mystery, trouble, and adventure and Kiralee finds herself right in the middle of it! All the while, Kiralee is growing from awkward tomboy to young lady and George is leaving his old life as a spoiled rich boy to become an ally and friend.




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