RJ’s Leading Men

I just recently realized that the guys, in my books, all tend to be feely, emotional men – well, all except Toby from The Hotline Girl.  But even he turns into a softie after meeting Arabella Rose. 😉

This cracked me up.  I sure love to explore emotions and give the reader something to cry and laugh about. 🙂

Since I now have nine novels/novellas/short stories out on the market, and a full-length novel hopefully to be released soon as well as another short story, I thought it was high time I gave you a line-up of my leading men, along with facts about them, and even a secret or two.  These are all of my “babies,” and I love them. 🙂

If you all like this, maybe I’ll do the girls next.  😉

Feel free to ASK the guys questions!  The guys will answer any questions in the comment section.  😀  Also, if you have read ANY of these books already, please click the links to their Amazon profiles and leave me a review!  Reviews help get Amazon’s algorithm to notice my books and promote me!  Thank you!


(in Goth apparel and makeup)

Chad2(no makeup or hair dye)

shutterstock_95304436Age: 16

Height: 5’6″

Weight: 105 pounds

Light brown hair, blue eyes

Myers-Briggs Type: INFP

Only child

Hobbies: Drawing, writing poetry, video games, listening to music, watching movies, stalking Angelique Rose

Dream: Marry Angelique Rose, not die, beef up

Greatest fears: Death, people, being alone, being misunderstood, rejection

Secrets: Has a heart arrhythmia, is madly in love with Angelique Rose

Chad gave us an interview here!  To ask Chad further questions, leave a comment in the comment section below.

Read all about Chad in Angel-Lover (copyright 2010) here in paperback and here for Kindle.


Age: 28

Height: 5’11”

Weight: 170 pounds

Blond hair, grey eyes

Myers-Briggs Type: ENTP

Only child

Hobbies: Comedy (reading, writing, and watching it), reading the news, politics, thrill-seeking activities, meeting new people, acting, and cooking

Dream: Get to put his handprints into the ground in front of the TCL Chinese theater in Hollywood, win a PGA, People’s Choice, and Emmy award

Greatest Fears: Losing his fame, losing his charm, looks, and skills, rejection, loneliness

Secrets: Still wishes his mother was around to sing to him.  Is really afraid that he’s pushing it with his crudity but has no idea how return to tamer content – and is afraid he’ll lose his edge – so he keeps pushing for stranger and meaner content in his talk show.  Is actually seriously lonely.

Ask Toby a question in the comments!

You can read about Toby in The Hotline Girl (copyright 2015) here in paperback and here for kindle.


8ef6b-ianAge: 19

Height: 5’10”

Weight: 155 pounds

Brown hair, blue eyes

Myers-Briggs Type: ENFJ

Oldest child

Hobbies: designing shoes, working with his hands, research, inventing, repair work, detail work, ophthalmology, medical study, human eyes

Dream: To be an eye doctor that eventually goes on the mission field and brings glasses and vision correction to third world countries

Secrets: Had a crush on Macy as a little kid.  Her kiss rekindled it way too easily – he’s worried about how quickly he gets his heart involved.  Actually shed tears the first night he moved away from home.  Will never admit it.

Greatest fears: That something terrible will happen to his younger sisters and Macy.  That he won’t be there to protect those he loves.  That his deep feelings are being taken advantage of.  That his emotions are a bit much, and that he’s not as manly as he should be.

Ask Dillan a question in the comment section below!

You can read about Dillan in The 12th Girl in Heaven here in paperback or here for kindle.



LucasAge: 17

Height: 5’8″

Weight: 133

Blond hair, green eyes

Myers-Briggs Type: ISFJ

Hobbies: Reading, drawing, nature, hiking, listening to music

Dreams: To change the world by creating a place for comfort and peace, to counsel and help others, to find someone who will love him and never leave him

Greatest fears: Lucent Sylphs (alien pets that are all the rage among his friends), his father, rejection, blood and gore, talking to girls

Secret: He actually fell in love with Nissa.

Ask Lucas a question below!

You can read about Lucas in Lucent Sylph, here in paperback or here for Kindle

Lucent Sylph is always free on Kindle!



ShaleAge: 20

Height: 6’0″

Weight: 175 pounds

Blond hair, brown eyes

Myers-Briggs Type: INFP

Hobbies: Playing the guitar, listening to music, video games, watching movies, school

Dreams: To be a corporate giant some day, to get a girl who will adore him

Greatest fears: That he really has done nothing important for the world, that he’ll turn into his father, and that everyone is lying to him and wearing a mask, that he can trust no one.

Secrets: If he told you, he’d have to kill you.  He’s got a big one.

Shale is starring in Heartsick, a Christian romantic suspense that you can find here for paperback and here for Kindle!



Age: 14

Height: 5’4 3/4″

Weight: 120 pounds

Red hair, green eyes

Myers-Briggs Type: ENFJ

Second born of 8 children

Hobbies: Fishing

Dream: To be a commercial fisherman, marry Kiralee Nottingham, and live in Upper-Chern for the rest of his life

Greatest fears: Being looked down upon, not being given a chance, that his parents – especially his father – really don’t love him and think little of him

Secrets: George has had a crush on Kiralee since before he could remember.  His parents hang on the verge of divorce and have kids to stay together.  Much pressure is put on the kids to make their mom happy, but there are so many of them, and they are so unruly, that they are sent each summer to their grandparents.

To ask George a question leave a comment in the comment section below!

Read all about George in Dashwood Avenue (copyright 2006) here in paperback and here for Kindle


Your turn!  Ask my guys – or me – any questions!  Hope you enjoy my baby boys.  😀

32 thoughts on “RJ’s Leading Men

      • I’ve been noticing it a lot more since the 12th girl. I always find it interesting what others find attractive and how that is different and the same as what I find attractive. It’s kind of high on my radar right now, thanks to you. Every time I watch a movie or read a book the last few days, I’ve been asking myself what I find attractive and why. lol. Writers, right?


  1. I don’t know that I’ve come to any definite conclusions, other than to reconfirm my love of the “strong, silent type”. I lean towards the broken, strong, warrior who wants to protect his home, family, or country by any means necessary. I don’t go in for nice, touchy-feely guys for sure. I would imagine that comes from growing up on John Wayne type movies, but I also think it goes deeper. I love military history. I love warrior stories and I always have. That probably comes from reading Lord of the Rings at a young age. I don’t have a problem with a guy showing emotion, I just want him to be strong. Guys should show great emotion, but I tend to want the girl to be the one who brings the emotional softness to the relationship and the man to bring the power. Like, he loves her and she loves him and he would do anything to keep her safe, even from herself. She loves him and cherishes his vulnerability as something he shares only with her. It does come out in what we write, doesn’t it? 🙂 All very interesting!


    • Fascinating! I want a guy to be a protector, and be strong in front of everyone else, but then emotional and passionate with his girl. Like have a vulnerable side.

      I think these are the men we married. 😀

      Liked by 1 person

      • Yes! I also think its fascinating how they work out in our writing. My male cast would be much older and grittier than yours. Even in my young adult fairy tale the casting would be darker and grittier. Fun!


      • It’s fun to do!
        I try to do it when I’m initially creating the character – and then stick very closely with it – to make my characters as real and consistent as possible – and also to assure that I don’t have a whole bunch of the same character.

        Have you ever read a book where everyone has the same clever, snarky dialogue? Or everyone is an introvert and lacks emotion? Things like that. 🙂

        Liked by 1 person

      • I don’t plan out my stories that well. Lol. I usually get an idea and run with it and fix problems I. The rewriting stage. I also tend to only focus on a few very intense days or weeks in my characters lives. I don’t usually “know” them the way I see other writers knowing their characters, like what their favorite colors are and such. The character I know best would never take a Myers Briggs personality test as he would consider it a waste of time. Lol. I usually don’t feel like I know my characters that well until the third or forth rewrite. My sense of them is very intuitive and visceral, less outlined and planned.


      • Fascinating!

        I haven’t always planned out their favorite color, but I usually have a very general idea of who they are before I start. But, since I’m not as heavily plot-focused (I’m character or situation/question focused), I tend to pick a type of person in a type of situation, and then plan a story around it. So I’ve got to know my type of person pretty well. 🙂

        If your type of guy scoffs at Myers-Briggs, he’s definitely TJ. 😀

        Liked by 1 person

      • I’ve never thought about whether I’m plot focused or not. I probably am…maybe…I generally get an idea like a girl can ‘see’ murders as they happen and then I get a sense of a particularly emotional moment like the man she loves dying at the hands of a murderer she’s been tracking and work from there to unit the two things in some way. Typically really crazy things happen between or after like the man she loves is betrayed by a friend who later joins forces with her son to end the murderer. Or, like my switched up beauty and the beast story that turns into a hunt for a serial killer.
        So…I don’t know if that makes me plot focused or not? I do tend to avoid labelling and outlines and just pour the story out and see what happens.
        TJ stands for what?


      • Hmmm… That might be a combination of idea and plot focused. Interesting!

        For instance, with Angel-Lover, for me, I saw the Goth kids walking around the mall, and went, “What are they thinking? And why? And how do their minds work? And how would I evangelize one of them?” And that’s how Angel-Lover came about. 🙂

        TJ is your husband. 😛 It’s all of the thinker judger personalities of Myers-Briggs, like INTJ, ENTJ, ESTJ, and ISTJ. 🙂

        Liked by 1 person

      • Idea plot focused…that sounds about right. 🙂

        I see how you work where as I would tend to see a goth kid and write about the crazy situation that changed him. (I did the goth thing for a while in my early twenties)
        I love talking to you about how you write. It’s so different than mine. God is so diverse in his gifts.
        Yes. The character I was thinking about is loosely based on my husband. Ha.


      • He was pretty rough around the edges when we got married and had a fair amount of anger issues which the Lord has really worked on him about, for which I’m very thankful.
        But, I think I wanted to see those same character traits turned positive. I believed they could empower a man not just be a sin issue. Thus the character of Crow was developed..though he has gone way beyond that now. He’s still my most loved character and the one I probably associate most strongly with which surprises me as he is a very rough man and my husband has grown into a very loving and gentle man. Lol. Life is funny.

        Xoxo! Same here same here!


      • Neat testimony! Those types of men always end up with sweetheart women. It does them good. 😉

        Crow sounds fascinating. What’s his leading lady like? (Does he have one?)

        Liked by 1 person

      • Lol. I hope it has. 😉
        Crow’s leading lady is amazing. She loves him so much and it gives him strength to overcome so many many problems. Together, they are able to defeat Crow’s dark past and the man who killed his parents and many of his friends, but they don’t just kill him…they heal all the people the killer damaged and even helped redeemed the man who betrayed Crow’s father.


      • It’s title is When Skies are Gray. It is book one of a three part series with another three part series about some side characters sandwiched between book 2 & 3. Of the six books, I have four written and two in the works. This is what I was working on when I switched to YA. I plan to finish both series some day and then take them from an R rating to PG/PG-13. They are vampire/serial killer urban fantasies. For various reasons I decided to stop writing such dark material and switched to YA Fairy Tales. So, they’re not published but very near and dear to my heart. One day they’ll be available to the public, Lord willing. If you’re really interested I can send you the latest draft. It’s a lot like the book Happy Thoughts I sent you. Crow and his lady love are in that story as well. 🙂


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