I Can See Your Soul

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shutterstock_95304436RJ Conte here with Chad Burnhill, main character from my novel Angel-Lover.  We couldn’t get Chad to come interview with us in person.  He said he’s a bit of a recluse, but we got him on email to answer our questions.

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RJ: Chad, can you tell the readers your age?

Chad: 22.

RJ: How could you be twenty-two?  We know which high school you go to, and we have your birthday right in front of us.

Chad: Fine.  I’m 16.

RJ: Haha!  Funny guy.  Okay, and you’re a junior in high school?

Chad: Yeah.

RJ: Are you popular?

Chad: Are all of the questions going to be stupid like this?  If so, I bail.

RJ: Chad, Chad!  Sorry!  We’ll skip that question!  How about this: who’s your best friend?

Chad: What am I, a kindergartner?

RJ: Okay!  *shuffling notes*  Let’s find something completely different.  Chad, who’s your favorite artist?

Chad: Could you stop calling me “Chad”?  I hate my name.  I go by Demon Angel-Lover online.

RJ: Um, okay… Demon?  Now that’s an interesting name.  I’ve never heard of demons loving angels.  Does this have some sort of spiritual connotation?

Chad: Yes.  I’m totally not fooled that I’m anyone great.  I know that human beings suck and are evil.  I’m probably the most evil of them all.  I’m practically a demon.

RJ: Well.  That’s… Biblical… I guess!  But what about the love part?

Chad: There’s this girl at school.  She’s an angel.

RJ: Who is she?  So you love her?

Chad: As if I’m going to tell you that!  I’ve seriously g2g.

RJ: Wait!  *whispers* Sensitive guy!  Wait, Cha… Demon!  Don’t tell me about your feelings or who the girl is.  But tell me what makes her an angel.

Chad: She’s really close to God.  And she’s perfect.

RJ: I thought you said that all people were evil incarnate – which I agree with, by the way.

Chad: There are about a gazillion things that are different about her.  I’m going to figure them out so that she’ll accept me and be close to me.  I want to be like her, yet I’m like the dirt under her feet.  I am unworthy of her, but I can’t shake her.  Crap, I said too much.

RJ: She inspires you with her differences.  She sounds like a sweet, pure girl.

Chad: Why?  Cuz I’m not?  Cuz I said she was as different from me as night and day?

RJ: Okay, give me a break, Chad.  Demon!  I’m just trying to peacefully move this conversation along.

Chad: Worthless.

RJ: *sarcastic*  Well, thanks for that!  So you’re going to figure her out.  Where are you going to start?

Chad: At church.  She goes to church.  I’m shuddering thinking of heading into one of those preachy, huggy, colorful crowds though.

RJ: Demon, I think that’s a great start.  You keeping loving that angel.  I think she’s going to lead you down a good path.

Chad: Nothing in my life has ever been good, so I really don’t believe it.  Whatever she’s doing though, it’s got to be better than the misery I feel now.

RJ: Why do you think nothing in your life has been good?

Chad: Because the world is an unfair, sucky place.  My parents suck, my body sucks, my school sucks, my personality sucks.  The only thing I’m good at is art.

RJ: I’m sorry to hear that, Demon.  Do you think that this girl, the angel, has a happy life?

Chad: Yes, I do.  And I think it’s because of her God.  I’m going to find out, even if it kills me.

RJ: I’ll pray for you on this endeavor.

Chad: Oh no!  You’re one of them!

RJ: Haha.  Would you like to show us any of your art?

Chad: I… I don’t know.  It’s very private.

RJ: Why is that?

Chad: They come from my very soul.  They represent who I am and what the world means to me.  They are me, my heart.  They are the only way I can talk to the world.  And yet, my teachers, my parents, my classmates… all ignore my art and think it’s weird, Gothic trash.  I’m crying out in my art.  If only people would pay attention.

RJ: I promise you that the readers want to know you and to love you.

Chad: I don’t really believe it…But okay.  If you promise to like it.  You can’t dislike it.  It’s my life work.  It’s not done yet.  I keep re-doing the face.  But this is her… This is her.  This is Angelique.


RJ: Chad, that’s beautiful!  You can tell her beauty and purity from your lovely drawing.  You’re right.  I can see your soul.  You love this girl.

Chad: (no reply)

RJ: Well!  Before you go, we have a few questions from the readers.  First of all, they want to know what makes you angry.  Although, I think we’ve touched on a few things in this interview already.

Chad: The whole world.  I’m angry all the time.  Helplessly angry.

RJ: Yeah, that answer I expected.  And, last but not least, they want to know: where is your favorite place to go?

Chad: My room.  It’s my cave and haven and my private place where I live almost 24/7, except when I have to *gag* go to school.

RJ: Thank you, Chad Demon.  And thank you again for sharing your beautiful art with us.  You are a deep young man, and I hope you pursue the light you see in this girl’s eyes.  I hope you pursue her God.

Chad: We’ll see…

Have any more questions for Chad?  Or comments to him?  Readers and friends and strangers all, please feel free to ask Chad anything, and, as long as it’s not too big of a spoiler, he’ll answer it in the questions.  🙂

13 thoughts on “I Can See Your Soul

    • Chad: Who are you, and why do you care about me? Are you saying my picture wasn’t good? Screw you if you are!
      There are a ton of things I wish I were. I wish I were stronger and taller. But, most of all, I wish I were better and braver. I hate myself for being so scared of everything all the time, especially Angelique herself.


    • Chad: Besides Angelique, who is also an artist, I think my art is all originally my own. If I had to name anyone who made an impression on me, it would be my older cousin on my dad’s side. He drew a lot of stuff on napkins during family dinners, or in notepades at family reunions. His stuff was always intense and dark. I felt his soul, you know? I also like anime. I sit in my room a lot and watch stuff, and anime art appeals to me.


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