RJ’s #1 New Year’s Resolution

*clearing throat and putting down the microphone*     4726_Bible_microphone_large

Psalm 6 was fun.  I got to put a lot of emotion into it.  I’ve always wanted to be an actress – even a voice actress!

My New Year’s Resolution this year is…

… to record the entire Bible in a year.

I’ve been involved in Bible studies outside of the home for 18 years, since I was 9 years old.  I started in BSF, graduated out of that into CBS (both are excellent, by the way), and don’t forget AWANA scattered throughout my elementary years.

However, it’s been at least a decade since I’ve gone a whole year without missing my quiet time a single day.  I miss it frequently.  This pains me a lot, but it’s the honest truth.

Now, there’s nothing magical about reading some of God’s Word and saying a prayer every 24-hour period, however, I can promise you that, since I started a relationship with my husband, Brad, back in 2007, there hasn’t been a single day I missed speaking to him.  Even if, during finals when he was in school, it was just a, “Hello!  I love you.  Goodnight!” I have faithfully spoken to my main man.  Now that he lives in my home, most days involve lengthy conversations about my day, our daughters, or my thoughts and feelings on life.  I care to hear what he has to say, as well, and want to get wisdom, instruction, and love from him.

If God is more important than Brad, and if I am to love Him more, then why is this not the case with my heavenly Father?

My sister convicted me – this sister who has gone something like two years without missing her quiet special time with God – that I need to set my relationship with my Ultimate Main Man above everything else.  If I care about God’s wisdom, instruction, and love, and if He deserves my all, then he should get at least more than a “Hello!  Goodnight!  And fix my problems!”

Because the Bible studies I’m in tend to have things set up for study just six days a week, I thought I would add something to my plate – to make sure I got in that special time with the Person I’ve neglected every single day.

Reading through the Bible in a year.

I’ve never done this, mainly because I’ve always been a studier.  I thought that just reading the Bible was pointless if I wasn’t studying it and answering questions on it and hearing a sermon on it.  I didn’t think God could or would just speak to me with His Word alone.  I thought It needed help from study groups and discussion leaders and commentaries.

But I’m an auditory learner.

Therefore, I can be the type to read at breakneck speed and not really learn anything.  To not digest it.  But, if I was going to own a One-Year Bible, then I knew I’d need to do something beyond just read it – otherwise it might be pointless to me.  Like food that just passes right through without nourishing.

I love to read out loud.  I learn best by listening.  I wanted to force myself to go slowly and think.

So I’m recording myself reading the Bible out loud every day.

Chapter by chapter.

I’m the first week into it, and I’ve recorded 25 chapters so far!  (Following the One-Year Bible plan.)

Passages that I know I’ve read before are suddenly leaping out at me.  I have a notebook (an idea from my mother-in-law) divided up into sections where I can write down potent Scriptures on certain topics.

My husband was like, “What?  But why?”

Reasons for Having the Bible on CD

  • My daughter is suddenly fearful to sleep in her new toddler bed at night.  Instead of music or nightlights or stuffed animals, all of which doesn’t work, she can now listen to the voice of her mother, reading aloud God’s Word to her.  My children can clean their room or color their coloring books or do their chores and listen to their mother read Scripture – even if I’m not there in person.
  • For memorizing Scripture.  However, having read it out loud already, it’s making it easier!  Since I am an auditory learner, I remember things I’ve heard.  This is already helping me recall Scripture.
  • On busy days, I can put the cds in my car.
  • We had a family member with reading difficulties.  He used God’s Word on cd for his personal Bible study.  It was so much easier and more effective than reading it for himself.
  • All Scripture is God-breathed and useful, so the possibilities of this being used for good are endless!
  • I can share this idea with others!

And hold me accountable!  I know how resolutions fall flat, some times as soon as February.  I want to complete this amazing project, and am excited to see how God uses it in my life!

9 thoughts on “RJ’s #1 New Year’s Resolution

  1. I am really excited about this project for you to feed your family spiritually! You challenge me to get with it…whether it be my voice or others for input of HIS WORD!!!
    Thank you:)


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